Silver Fern’s proprietary Behavior Diagnostic Platform constitutes the first commercially available, web-based (SaaS), behavior and psychosocial assessment solution available in the marketplace.

Silver Fern’s independently developed IP leverages 30+ years of research and rigorous clinical trials. The Platform complements existing medical diagnostic and support tools and uses proven techniques to achieve positive health outcomes by systematically assessing individual patients’ daily behaviors and psychosocial barriers and by providing care teams with suggestions and resources to address the issues and opportunities illuminated by the platform. These assessments and suggested actions have been proven to increase engagement and provide a structured framework for care management teams to have deeper, more consistent, and more beneficial conversations with patients.

The Platform currently features five disease programs: Type 2 Diabetes (18 modules); Heart Failure (16); Hypertension (14); Prediabetes (10); and Healthy Lifestyle & Disease Prevention (9).

For each program, Silver Fern offers:

  • Proprietary, evidenced-based, clinically validated assessment modules that are assigned and/or delivered by the clients' care delivery team or Silver Fern's care delivery partner.
  • Suggested actions that provide clinicians with actionable pathways of care, tailored to the patient-specific experiences, behaviors, goals, and barriers illuminated by the assessment modules.
  • Robust data analytics and insights at the individual user and population levels. These powerful, aggregated data on the daily behaviors and psychosocial barriers of patients were previously inaccessible.
  • Access to 24-7 online training to support care teams with effective and efficient implementation of the tools.

Deploying Silver Fern's solutions is simple. Our products are highly scalable and designed for easy integration into existing clinical workflows, applications, and digital platforms. Silver Fern products are available now for licensing, and we offer customized packages to meet clients' requirements and goals.

Behavior Diagnostic Modules - Type 2 Diabetes Program

Behavior Diagnostic Modules
Type 2 Diabetes Program


Robust patient engagement is essential to long-term, successful management of chronic disease. Compared to the best in-person CDC programs, clinical care teams using Silver Fern's platform drove a 7x increase in participant engagement and an ~2x increase in participants achieving their physical activity and weight-loss goals over a year-long, behaviorally enriched Diabetes Prevention Program. This was accomplished through authentic participant engagement, rather than a punitive or incentive-based structure to compel behavior change.

Improving health outcomes is necessary in order to reduce the total cost of care. Following adoption of Silver Fern's diabetes toolset, chronic care management teams helped patients achieve clinically significant improvements in diabetes control and psychosocial outcomes. Clinicians using our chronic care management platform improved their effectiveness and reported higher levels of satisfaction.