Our evidence-based products are powered by 30 years of clinical research. Using our behavior and psychosocial assessment platform, clinical teams have helped participants achieve clinically significant improvement in diabetes control and other health outcomes.

patients achieving health goals
0.6 – 1.6%
reduction in HbA1c
increase in patient engagement

We've cracked the code to better health outcomes by focusing on the self-management behaviors and psychosocial aspects of chronic disease.

The U.S. spends $3 trillion annually on chronic disease treatment, yet many patients do not meet national guideline recommendations for good health. This is largely due to the healthcare system's hyper-focus on acute care and medical treatments, which research shows contribute to only 10% of patient outcomes. Silver Fern's first-to-market products address the individual behaviors and social/environmental factors impacting patient success, which account for 60% of outcomes and have gone largely unevaluated and untreated in the current system (Schroeder et al. NEJM, 2007).

Understanding people's individual experience living with chronic disease is central to Silver Fern's approach. With sophisticated assessments and supporting products and services, our chronic care management platform uncovers barriers and challenges to self-management behavior and unlocks psychosocial issues that have never before been accessible to chronic care management teams. Using this powerful information, clinicians can address root causes and facilitate systemic lifestyle change for people with chronic diseases, resulting in prevention or reduced complications and comorbidity. Therefore, people with chronic diseases use fewer expensive and emergency healthcare services over their lifetimes, lowering healthcare costs and enabling people to live their best possible lives.